The WAVES conference disseminates latest advances in theoretical and computational modelling of wave phenomena, both in science and technology. The themes include, but are not limited to, the following: Forward and Inverse Scattering; Fast Computational Techniques; Numerical Analysis; Approximate Boundary Conditions; Domain Decomposition; Analytical & Asymptotic Methods; Nonlinear Wave Phenomena; Homogenization of Wave Problems; Waves and Coastal Modeling; Guided Waves and Random Media; Medical and Seismic Imaging; Water Waves and Coastal Modeling; Flow-Acoustic Interaction; Modelling Aspects in Photonics.

In addition to the general submission track, WAVES 2019 will feature the following special thematic mini-symposia:

  • M1: Frames and PDEs
    Organizer: Peter Balazs, Helmut Harbrecht

  • M2: Analysis and numerical methods for wave problems in heterogeneous media and complicated domains
    Organizer: Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Andrea Moiola, Euan Spence

  • M3: Wave Phenomena: Analysis and Numeric
    Organizer: Wolfgang Reichel, Marlis Hochbruck

  • M4: Nonlinear acoustics: analytical and numerical aspects
    Organizer: Barbara Kaltenbacher, Mechthild Thalhammer

  • M5: Wave propagation and imaging in complex media
    Organizer: Chrysoula Tsogka

  • M6: Modelling and numerical simulation of flow-acoustic interaction
    Organizer: Manfred Kaltenbacher, Claus-Dieter Munz

  • M7: Modern fast Boundary Element formulations for wave propagation problems
    Organizer: Martin Schanz, Stephanie Chaillat-Loseille

  • M8: Tent-Pitching Space-Time Methods for Nonlinear Waves
    Organizer: Robert Haber,  Joachim Schöberl

  • M9: Sweeping preconditioners and related iterative solvers for the Helmholtz equation
    Organizer: Martin Gander, Thorsten Hohage



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